Nobody can compete with Hollywood’s bougie bad girls Alaïa, Miracle, and Chloè. They’ve been through everything together, be it relationships, heartbreak, or trying times.

Everyone knows Alaïa as an actress who quickly rose through the celebrity ranks to be crowned the town’s It girl, but she’s so much more. A romantic at heart, she falls in love with her grouchy but handsome neighbor, a mysterious man who calls himself L. But little does she know, the seemingly harmless man is in fact a ruthless contract killer with a talent for taking out any target.

Meanwhile, Chloè would like nothing more than to be left alone to live her life as she chooses, but her overbearing mother armed with a myriad of control issues and a greedy nature keeps pimping her out to the highest bidder, despite her daughter’s objections.

Although the girls always have plenty going on in their lives, the turbulence is only heightened when a couple of equally bad boys cross their path and fall in love with them.

As a trio who are just trying to find love and maintain their flashy high society Los Angeles lifestyle, can Alaïa, Miracle, and Chloè have it all?

If you enjoyed “When a Rich Thug Wants You”, you’ll love this coming of age story, packed to the brim with love, betrayal, deception, and a closet-full of secrets that’ll leave you shocked and in awe.



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