A fast-paced, heart-stopping standalone from Jade Jones, author of the epic bestselling Cameron series!

Nature hasn’t been kind to Raina, especially where her looks are concerned. So unattractive that people would cross the street just to avoid her, the isolation makes her chronically shy and she finds it difficult to approach people. However, Raina has a secret. She falls in love easily and constantly stalks the men she is infatuated with, but one man who captured her heart like no other stands out from the crowd. The devilishly handsome and charming Sterling Robinson aka Roo, is Mr. Popularity himself – every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him for herself. But as always, there’s a catch, and the deep dark secret that Roo is hiding just might put Raina’s life in danger.

“Fanatic” is an African American psychological thriller that will transport you into a world of love, longing and lies, where looks really can be lethal.




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