Shayla Edwards has led a life of privilege under the wing of her fabulously wealthy parents and she is used to getting whatever she wants. When she meets Romeo, a sexy D-boy whose animal magnetism mesmerizes her, she’s determined to have him too. However, the question is, is she up for the challenge?

Kimberlyn Lopez lived in the lap of luxury right up till her fiancé, Cool, went behind bars on drug charges, leaving her to fend for herself and their 5-year old son alone. Things take a turn when Desmond, an old flame, makes a sudden reappearance in her life and charms his way back into her heart. But can Kimberlyn hold him down? Or will the possibility of losing him hold her back? And when Cool gets an early release, can she stand her ground and do what’s best for her?

Romeo and Desmond are small time hoodlums turned big time entrepreneurs, who moved to Atlanta with big dreams for the future following the success of their marijuana business. But when betrayal and distrust creeps into their circle and shakes the foundations of their friendship, will they stand strong at the top, or will everything come crashing down?

When their worlds collide, the only way up is to fight for what they want. With over 120 five-star reviews, “Flawless” will take you on a wild ride filled with love, betrayal, and nonstop action. If you enjoyed “Cameron” and “When a Rich Thug Wants You”, you’ll become addicted to this mind-blowing series!



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