He Fell from Sky


Meoshii “Jett” Cándida is known for being a self-absorbed and often inconsiderate human being. Raised by one of Brooklyn’s most notorious and ruthless kingpins, she’s always had this outlook that her needs and wants are above everyone else. After all, she grew up spoiled. But when her father dies and her mom is admitted into a mental facility, her entire world changes as she knows it.

Thrust into the dismal world of poverty, Jett has no choice but to take care of herself–with the help of her best friend’s boyfriend, of course. Somehow, she finds herself in a stressful and exhausting predicament that leads her to hitting a man with her car on the road. Only this man isn’t quite what she had anticipated.

If you enjoyed “When a Rich Thug Wants You” and “My Polished, Professional Thug”, you’ll love this riveting, urban tale with a sprinkling of fantasy and endless secrets that’ll leave you shocked and on the edge of your seat.

And some of them are drug-addicted kleptomaniacs that love extremely hard.



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