I Fell in Love with a Savage


Life beyond high school isn’t at all what 17 year old Angel expected it to be, as she falls into the clutches of a sensuous, smooth-talking pimp named Jay. In hopes of escaping her strained relationship with her mother and finding something new and exciting, Angel strays from the path that could lead her to a bright future and instead follows Jay down a much darker route.

Under the spell of the notorious James “Jay” Anderson, Angel’s eyes are opened to a whole world that she has never seen before, but things begin to go south when he introduces her to a hedonistic life driven by a desire to make quick cold, hard cash. Blinded by her obsession with Jay and her new lifestyle, Angel follows through without question, unaware that’s she’s treading on dangerous ground.

If her new gig and love interest aren’t quite enough, her situation is further complicated when she gets romantically involved with her long time friend Maurice. With things heating up in the romance department, and her drive to make bank spiraling out of control, can Angel pull it all off?

Is there enough room for two men in Angel’s life? And can she withstand them pulling her in opposite directions? Most importantly, will she be able to handle her new-found hustle?

“I Fell in Love with a Savage” is an urban fiction standalone novel combining suspense, action, and heat to get your pulse pounding with every page!



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