Pretty Young Things


Diamond and Starr have been the best of friends since high school and both gorgeous in every sense of the word, but their likeness doesn’t end there. They have also long since become accustomed to using their looks to manipulate men to get whatever they want. Young, pretty, and wild, the girls are ready to do whatever they have to so they can get their hands on some cold, hard cash. However, their lives aren’t as idyllic as it seems.

When her controlling girlfriend, Stevie keeps stirring up trouble between them, Starr moves on to greener pastures, which she finds in the form of a college basketball player named Antoine. But Diamond has a more dangerous love on her mind. Everything changes when the stakes of their game are raised after Diamond and Starr hatch a reckless plan to rob one of Cleveland’s most notorious drug kingpins, Rich Keys, whom Diamond promptly falls for despite her better judgment.

“Pretty Young Things” is sure take you on a wild ride packed with juicy secrets and surprises unlike you’ve ever seen before!



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