Ronnie and Clyde 2


The Highly-Anticipated Sequel Has Finally Arrived!

Time hasn’t changed much for Ronnie, Clyde, and the gang as their drama continues on a bigger scale than ever!

Ronnie’s father, Rondo, is still out to make Clyde disappear no matter the cost, even if it means his daughter is caught in the line of fire in the rage-fueled feud.

But all may not be well between the two lovebirds as life throws another curveball their way. Ronnie’s infatuation with Clyde wanes when he starts to keep his distance, and she can’t help but wonder if they’re really meant for one another. Meanwhile, it’s not only her relationship with Clyde that’s on the rocks. When Ronnie finds out that Nina has boo’d up her ex-boyfriend, Dex, things between them change too, and certainly not for the better.

Can Ronnie and Clyde still have their happily ever after? Or will Rondo find a way to bring it all crashing down?

“Ronnie and Clyde” is packed to the brim with drama, twists and turns, and betrayal, complete with a head-spinning dose of romance, heat, and passion.



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