Soul and Diana


Kwame ‘Soul’ Asante, the son of a vicious African warlord, never had it easy – especially after coming to America to try and turn his life towards a new direction. Working a regular job as a corrections officer and fitting in was going so well until the mysterious Diana Prince entered his life.

How is it that someone so beautifully exotic could be so poisonous at the same time?

The line between guard and guarded becomes blurred as Diana pushes Soul over the edge.

Diana is released due to lack of evidence, and everything in their small world seems perfect, but is it all just an illusion, a smokey dream that they’re trying to grab hold of but failing?

Suddenly Soul is dragged back into the life he was desperately running away from as a death leaves him first in line to succeed as the heir of the billion-dollar drug organization. Along with the money comes a long list of death, destruction, and danger.

Will Soul and Diana be able to resurrect their lives, or will death come for them all?



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