Your Spouse, My Sponsor


Kirby Caldwell never expected that she would fall into the clutches of the sexy, rich, and domineering Castle Black; a drug cartel kingpin nineteen years her senior who stakes his claim the very moment he lays eyes on her. Ruthless in all his dealings, both business and personal, Castle pursues her relentlessly, and nothing can stop him – not even his madly jealous and volatile wife Femi or his nephew Grip, who has secretly harbored a passionate desire for Kirby for years. Despite her new circumstance as the love interest of a heartless drug baron, the emotionally dependent Kirby still gravitates towards Grip as he has been her knight in shining armor since high school – even though she knows that Castle’s wrath would descend upon them both if he found out. Meanwhile, Kirby’s life outside Castle’s domain isn’t any better. With her best friend McKenzie stirring up trouble, her brother Kaleb behind bars for robbery, and her mother battling cancer, things can’t possibly seem to get any worse. Or can they?

Can Kirby navigate the treacherous waters that lie ahead? Will Castle and Grip’s obsession with her lead to bloodshed? And when skeletons begin to tumble out of the closet, who will emerge victorious and who will end up heartbroken? Your Spouse, My Sponsor is an action packed African American urban romance that will have you on the very edge of your seat as the drama and scandal unfolds with every page.



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