Zoe and Verse


Zoe isn’t just your typical around the way girl. On the contrary, she’s the total opposite.

Zoe’s life has been an uphill battle for as long as she can remember. Raised by crack addict parents, life has already dealt her a bad hand and she has to do everything she can to survive – even if some of the tricks up her sleeve can land her in hot water. But twenty years old and headstrong as ever, Zoe is hell-bent on following her boyfriend Sensei – a jack boy who landed himself behind bars after being caught with stolen work – through fire and brimstone.

When it comes to Sensei, Zoe is just a naïve young girl in love and she swears to hold him down. But when her boyfriend’s irresistible older brother Verse enters the scene, she is helpless against his charms and falls for him hard and fast, the other brother soon forgotten.

At 38, Verse is everything Sensei wishes he was – including the boss of H-town. Although he idolizes his brother, will things change now that Verse has stolen his girl? Will Sensei still aspire to follow in Verse’s footsteps when he gets out of prison to find that Zoe’s keeping time with him? And can Zoe finally get herself together and change for the better?

Find out in “Zoe and Verse”, the first volume of this epic and unforgettable Houston-based story of love, passion, betrayal, and reckoning!



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